Working with Us.


Think of us as an extension to your management team - experts who can help you and your team define your strategic challenges, formulate transformation mandates, and implement steady state operations. As part of your team, your challenges are our challenges, and we’re only successful when you’re successful.


Quarry Consulting provides expertise in all facets of project management, program management, business analysis, and business consulting. In order to meet business and organizational objectives, our resources use current methodologies, standards, and practices to ensure that schedule, budget, risk, quality and performance are man-aged towards project success.


We take the time to understand client challenges and objectives and source people with the tools, technology and training necessary to deliver results. Our senior team ensures that you’re connected to management professionals in communications, change management, and business transformation, who enable and promote growth, development and knowledge sharing.


Our Team provides IT professionals wh    have expertise on a variety of platforms (Microsoft, Unix or mainframe) and application languages (.Net, Java, SAP, Oracle, C++, C#, etc.).  These professionals are experts in architecture, web and application development and design, test/QA/verification, database design and admin, infrastruc-ture/network design, technical writing and support. 


Quarry Consulting provides leading IT security professionals in Canada. Our resources can help develop master security plans, consolidate security requirements, evaluate IT security and cybersecurity programs, perform surveys and Threat and Risk Assess-ments, formulate security policies, and measure your overall IT security effectiveness.

“The people are what make Quarry Consulting a great company to work with. The Quarry team truly cares about the objectives of their clients and the goals of the people they represent…they go to great lengths to ensure success for both.”
— Kevin Forbes, Engineering Lead

Finding the ideal professional with both the right skills for a particular project and the right soft skills to fit in with your team can be a frustrating, costly and time-consuming experience.

We work across multiple industries and sectors to help our clients achieve very specific results. Although we are thorough and diligent, we are also flexible and adapt to each specific client’s needs and environment.

Quarry possesses several certifications and accreditations which allow us to support organizations with unique security requirements and environments.

Quarry Consulting is committed to providing our clients with diligent, talented and conscientious professionals.

Quarry’s highly
skilled IT resources

Quarry Consulting’s expert connec-tors specialize in permanent and contract placement of highly skilled IT resources:

  • IT Security
  • Web Development
  • Application Programming
  • Systems Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Technical Writing/Content Management
  • System Engineering and Administration
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration
  • Architecture (Application, Network, Infrastructure, Enterprise or Solution


[ kwôrē, kwärē ]

n/ an object or person of pursuit